Photo by YAK Films, 2009.

Shot and Captured

  1. Shot and Captured: Turf Dance, YAK Films, and the Oakland, California, R.I.P. Project. TDR: The Drama Review 58.2: 99-114.

hood dance, policing, choreo-centricity, YouTube

2013 TDR Student Essay Award
2015 Gerald Kahn Scholar’s Prize (American Society of Theatre Research)
2015 Outstanding Dance Publication (Congress on Research in Dance)

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Artist: Abby TC5, Queens, 2013.

Techniques of Black Male Re/Dress

  1. Techniques of Black Male Re/Dress: Corporeal Drag and Kinesthetic Politics in the Rebirth of Waacking/Punkin’. Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory. Special issue: All Hail the Queenz: a queer feminist recalibration of hip hop scholarship. Eds. Jessica Pabón and Shanté Paradigm Smalls. 24.1: 61-78.

kinesthesia, race and sexuality, disco, 1970s, Los Angeles

2014 Hickman Essay Award (UC Berkeley Dept. of Performance Studies)

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From Oakland Turfs to Harlem's Shake

  1. From Oakland Turfs to Harlem’s Shake: Viral Hood Dance and Screening Antiblackness. In The Oxford Handbook of Screen Dance Studies. Ed. Douglas Rosenberg. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [forthcoming]

internet memes, cultural appropriation, black performance theory