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“Shot and Captured: Turf Dance, YAK Films, and the Oakland, California, R.I.P. Project,” TDR: The Journal of Performance Studies, 58.2.

2013   Graduate Essay Award, TDR Journal of Performance Studies

2015   Gerald Kahn Scholar’s Prize (American Society of Theatre Research)

2015   Outstanding Dance Publication (Congress on Research in Dance)

Screen grab courtesy of YAK Films, 2009. 



“Techniques of Black Male Re/Dress: Corporeal Drag & Kinesthetic Politics in the Rebirth of Waacking/ Punkin,’” Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory, 24.1 Special Issue: “All Hail the Queenz: A Queer Feminist Recalibration of Hip Hop Scholarship,” Eds. Jessica Pabón Shanté Smalls.

2014   Hickman Essay Award, UC Berkeley Dept. of Performance Studies

Artist: Abby TC5, Queens, 2013.

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